Your source for baby Joshua Tree plants

Your source for baby Joshua Tree plants Your source for baby Joshua Tree plants Your source for baby Joshua Tree plants

We grow a limited number of baby Joshua Tree Plants, from seeds, in our family greenhouses. We have been inspired by these beautiful and interesting Joshua Tree plants when we visited Joshua Tree National Park

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About Us

Each Joshua Tree is unique with gnarled, twisted branches that provide striking silhouettes.

Reliable Experience with Baby Joshua Tree Plants

We are a small, family business dedicated to saving and propagating this endangered plant. We only offer baby plants that are strong and healthy (Many do not make it). If you enjoy both growing plants and helping to save an endangered species, like these Joshua Tree plants, you will love these seedlings.

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We Truly Care

Joshua Tree Plants

Every seed is specially prepped and when sprouted is placed in an individual container. We use either a 1 gallon pot or a 10" long propagation tube where it is cared for a minimum of 3 months or until 3 inches tall and is branching out. Only then is it ready to be "adopted" by you. 

We do have a limited number of older-taller plants.
*Note that the older and taller they are the more they will cost. Plants are fertilized, and have an insect and fungus treatment as an aid to getting started.


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These are not available in local Garden Centers or at Joshua Tree National Park. In addition, they may not be available anywhere else. We only have baby Joshua Tree plants up to one year old. Get yours today before they are gone. Happy Planting!
Click here to check out the article on how these plants are endangered.

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